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                                   2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

                                                Brian Sears

                    2017 Communicators Hall of Fame Inductees

                                         Gordon Waterstone

                                                 Steve Wolf

One cannot pass through the picturesque town of Goshen, N.Y., without feeling the presence of the Standardbred. A former watering hole for weary carriage horses now marks the town square, local businesses commonly feature logos with a horse and high-wheeled sulky, and a scenic and serene half-mile racetrack is situated just off Main Street. Adjacent to that same thoroughfare sits a century-old stable, yet another reminder of Goshen’s historic past as the birthplace and epicenter of the Standardbred sport. In 1951, when Goshen was still the home of the Hambletonian stake, a group of seven visionary horsemen transformed that stable, formerly William H. Cane’s Good Time Stable, into what would become the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. Stalls were transformed into exhibition areas, hay chutes served as display cases, and harness racing history found its home adjacent to Historic Track. Several additions to the original stable and a multi-million dollar renovation completed in 1998 have made the museum and Hall of Fame a destination for tourists and harness fans from around the world.

The museum’s displays trace the entire history of the Standardbred sport from the breed’s beginning with the revolutionary sire Messenger, through the rise of such legends as Pop Geers, Dan Patch, Delvin Miller and Billy Haughton, to the momentous career of Moni Maker and today’s racing stars. The vibrant and interactive exhibitry includes movie theaters, computer databases, a mechanical talking horse, the opportunity to announce a race and bid at a horse auction, and the world’s only 3-D harness racing simulator which allows visitors to experience the thrill of driving in a harness race.

The museum also houses the Peter D. Haughton Memorial Library, its books, magazines and videos available for research, and an education department which introduces hundreds of schoolchildren, scouts, and 4-Hers to harness racing each year.

In addition to preserving the sport’s history, the museum’s Hall of Fame honors the people and horses who have contributed significantly to the sport. Hall of Fame inductees are elected by members of the U.S. Harness Writers Association and were first installed in 1961. A life-like statuette of each inductee is displayed in the Hall of Fame.

Since 1995 outstanding horses have been inducted into a special Horse Hall of Fame voted on by the museum’s members—and anyone can be a member. Museum members may also nominate men, women, and horses who have died as Immortals of the Hall of Fame. A committee reviews the nominees each year and the final inductees are elected by the museum’s board of trustees.

The Communicators Hall of Fame honors communicators who have used their talent to report and document the sport/industry of harness racing. Inductees, elected by U.S. Harness Writers Association members, are honored by caricatures hanging in the Communicators wing of the museum.

Museum president
Lawrence S. DeVan and director Janet Terhune work to ensure the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame continues to “protect the past, support the present and promote the future of the great sport of harness racing.”

The membership of USHWA has elected these leaders in harness racing to the sport's highest honor. The year listed is the year in which the honor was voted and the the actual induction took place the following year.

1961 E. Roland Harriman*, Stephen G. Phillips*

1966 George Morton Levy*

1967 Octave Blake*, Lawrence B. Sheppard*, Bion Shively*

1968 Frank Ervin*, William R. Haughton*, Walter J. Michael*, Delvin G. Miller*

Stanley F. Dancer*, Thurman Wayne Smart*

1970 Joseph C. O’Brien*, Harry E. Pownall*, Sanders Russell*

1971 Ralph N. Baldwin*, John F. Simpson*

1972 Clint Hodgins*

1973 NONE

1974 Howard Beissinger, Adelbert Cameron*, James J. Dunnigan*, Frederick L. Van Lennep*

Herve Filion, Elbridge T. Gerry*

1976 NONE

1977 Earle B. Avery*

1978 NONE

1979 John Chapman*, Robert G. Farrington*, Max C. Hempt*

1980 Clarence F. Gaines*, A.E. (Ted) Gibbons*, Delmer M. Insko

1981 Norman O. Woolworth*

1982 Glen G. Garnsey*

1983 NONE

1984 George F. Sholty*

1985 Carmine Abbatiello, Levi B. Harner*, James M. Lynch*

1986 William Connors*, James Cruise*, Keith Waples, T.J. (Ted) Zornow*

1987 Stanley F. Bergstein*, Ernest B. Morris*, Kenneth D. Owen*

1988 Dunbar Bostwick*, Henry C. Thomson*

Clinton G. Galbraith, Willliam D. "Buddy" Gilmour*

1990 John D. Campbell, William A. O’Donnell

1991 Hugh A. (Andy) Grant Jr.*,
Don R. Millar*, Gene Riegle*

1992 John A. Cashman*, Corwin M. Nixon*, Philip W. Tully*

1993 Joseph A. DeFrank, John Patterson Sr.*, Edward M. Ryan*,
Ron Waples

1994 Doug Ackerman*, Anthony T. Abbatiello, Elbridge T. Gerry Jr., and Ted Leonard*

1995 Dr. J. Glen Brown,
Jack Kopas, Michel Lachance,

Dominic H. Frinzi*, George Segal

1997 William S. Brown*, Ray Remmen and Chuck Sylvester

1998 NONE

1999 Guy Antonacci*, Frank Antonacci*

Vernon Dancer*, Dave Magee

2001 Jim Dennis*,
Harry Harvey*, Catello Manzi

Jim Doherty*,  Berndt Lindstedt, Bob McIntosh

2003 John Simpson Jr.

2004 Ron Pierce

2005 Ron Gurfein, Tom Thomson*

2006 Jimmy Arthur*, Wally Hennessey, Phil Langley

2007 Chuck Coon*, Lou Guida*

2008 Tom Crouch, Alan Leavitt, Tim Rooney

2009 Hal Jones*, Dave Palone

2010 Judge Walter Russell*, Jim Simpson

2011 Jimmy Takter

2012 Richard Stillings, Bob Quigley

2013 David Miller, William Weaver*

2014 Joe M. Thompson

2015 Charles E. Keller III, Bruce Nickells

Inductees to the Communicators Hall of Fame have proven themselves worthy of the highest award given in the field of journalism that covers the sport of harness racing. The USHWA membership votes on their induction. The year listed is the year in which the honor was voted and the the actual induction took place the following year.

1983  Edward C. Binneweg*, Ed Keller*, Michael Lee*, Jack Schultz*, Roy Shudt*, Chuck Stokes*

1984 Lawrence T. Evans*

1985 Leonard Cohen*, Louis Effrat*

Stanley F. Bergstein*, James C. Harrison*

1987 Clyde Hirt*,
Thomas F. Shehan*, Robert L. Zellner*

1988 Mike Cipriani*, John J. Hugerich Jr.*, Anthony W. Sisti*

1989 Al DeSantis*, Lou Miller*

1990 William F. Brown Jr.*, Philip A. Pines*

1991 Robert A. Hackett*, Col. Dave Herman*, Karel (Bud) VanderVeer*

1992 Allen J. Finkelson*, Joseph H. Goldstein*, George A. Smallsreed*

Donald P. Evans*, Leslie P. Ford*

1994 Lew Barasch*, Izzy Katzman*

1995 Sam Anzalone

1996 Bowman A. Brown Jr.*

1997 Marvin Bachrad

1998 NONE

1999 Bo Gill*, Ed Reddy*

2000 John Bradley*, Roger Huston

2001 Curt Greene*, Ed Palladino

2002 Bruce Stearns*

2003 NONE

2004 Nick Saponara, Tom White*

2005 Jack Ginnetti*, Bill Heller, Ed Keys, Virginia O'Brien*

2006 Ray Brienza*, Marie Hill*, Dean Hoffman, John Manzi

2007 Murray Janoff*, Alan Prince*

2008 John Berry, Leon Zimmerman

2009 Murray Brown, Jim Moran

2010 Joe Hartmann*, Gary Seibel

2011 Jean Emerson, Moira Fanning

2012 Bob Heyden, Sam McKee*

2013 Carol Cramer, John Pawlak

2014 Kathy Parker, Bob Marks

2015 David Carr, Jerry Connors

* Deceased